Benefiting the environment, the community
and high quality grapes and wine.

"My philosophy is... that we are stewards of the land. And we take that responsibility seriously."

-John Crossland

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2022 California Green Medal Award Winners      4th Edition Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook

Congrats to the 2022 California 
Green Medal winners! 

Wente Family Estates (Leader),
Trefethen Family Vineyards (Environment),
McManis Family Vineyards (Community) and
Jackson Family Wines (Business).

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California Code of Sustainable
Winegrowing Workbook

4th Edition 

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2021 Certification Report Mock-up
      2020 California Wine Community Sustainability Report

Certification Report

The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) has released its fifth annual Certification Report, highlighting the accomplishments of the 178 wineries and 2,402 vineyards in California that are Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing (CCSW).

In 2021, the third-party certification program
celebrated a 7% increase of certified vineyards and 4% increase in the number of certified wineries. 

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All new 2020 California Wine
Community Sustainability Report!

This report produced by California
Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) shows
broad participation in our educational and certification programs, and wide implementation of sustainable practices in vineyards and wineries around the state.

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