Green Acres, Blue Skies Conference - UC Davis

Monday, June 1, 2009 - Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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UC Davis - Activities and Recreation Center, Davis, CA - Get Directions

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Working Towards Common Solutions JUNE 1-2 2009

Main conference begins at 1pm. Optional extras include a 2 hour tutorial and 3 concurrent tours (sep reg fee). Pre-Conference Tours include lunch. Tutorial from 8-10am is for those new to the field who want to get an overview of the basics.

Conference Objectives:
The purpose of this conference is to bring together key stakeholders working towards creating a cleaner and more sustainable agricultural industry. This includes commodities producers and farmers, agricultural industry leaders, researchers, policy-makers and legal experts, regulators, environmental advocates, and providers of green technology. Anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome to attend the conference. By sharing perspectives, new information from scientific research, insights into policy formation and the development of new technologies and practices - we can all work towards the development of an agricultural system which provides food and maintains the health of our global environment.  

Structure of the Conference:  
This year the conference has been shortened to encourage more participation from commodities producers. Monday will begin with a 2 hour tutorial (separate fee - enrollment limited) to help those new to this subject learn more about the basics. Late morning we are offering 3 tours (separate fee) which include lunch. Main sessions will begin after lunch on Monday. Tuesday will have a full day of sessions. Both Monday and Tuesday have 2 concurrent sessions in order to accommodate the wide range of important new topics. On Monday evening there will be a reception to allow opportunities for networking. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. Snacks on both afternoons and Continental breakfast on Tuesday are included with the registration fee. An Optional Box Lunch may be purchased on Tuesday.


8am-10am Ag Air 101 (each module lasts approximately 30 minutes)

(each module lasts approximately 30 minutes)

* Emissions Sources Frank Mitloehner & Peter Green, UC Davis

* Health & Environmental Impacts Marc Schenker, UC Davis / David Lighthall, SJVAPCD

* Regulations Sheraz Gill, SJVAPCD

* Technology / Mitigation / Best Practices Sheraz Gill, SJVAPCD10am-12noon FIELD TRIPS (Choose One of 3 OR concurrent New Dairy Session)

* Rominger West Winery TourRominger West Winery was founded in 2004 to showcase western Yolo County and the quality of wines produced there. This family-owned winery produces unique, hand-crafted wines with a creative and natural approach to farming reflecting a commitment to sustainable agriculture and dedication to artisan winemaking.* UC Davis Olive Oil

For years campus groundskeepers disposed of fruit dropped from university olive trees. In a bold move toward sustainability, ops and maintenance staff began harvesting campus olives to make gourmet olive oil. Grown without irrigation, harvested with care and bottled unfiltered, UC Davis olive oil now has a devoted following.* UC Davis BioMass Digester Tour

Digesters help with organic waste management and improve air quality by reducing emissions. Ag-generated organic wastes include food scraps, agricultural and food processing by-products and animal manure. These recycled waste materials can be converted into valuable products, such as biofuels and biochemicals.10-12 NEW! Got Air Quality?- Dairy Workshop NOTE: SAME TIME AS TOURS (see agenda for this on separate page)

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00 Welcome

Frank Mitloehner, Peter Green & Donna Reid, UC Davis

& Donna Reid, UC Davis

Dean Neal Van Alfen, UC Davis

UC Davis


Developing a Green Program: The Napa Valley Vintners Green Winery Program

Steven E. Lederer, Napa County Department of Environmental Management, Napa County Department of Environmental Management
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