Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics: the Next Step in Sustainable Winegrowing

As an important next step, CSWA is integrating performance metrics into the Sustainable Winegrowing Program to further promote, measure, and communicate continuous improvement.

The goals of the metrics project are to:

  • Provide growers and vintners with tools to measure, manage and track their use of natural resources to optimize operations, decrease costs, and increase sustainability;
  • Enhance the California wine community's global leadership position in sustainable agriculture and production by remaining on the leading edge of sustainability;
  • Enable participating SWP winegrowers to confidentially benchmark their performance metrics to drive innovation and adoption of sustainable practices
  • Expand the means for communicating continuous improvement in performance to stakeholders;
  • Improve credibility of the SWP model with regulators and policymakers, retailers, and consumers by tying measurable performance outcomes to practices;
  • Provide industry targets, tools, and resources to spur innovation and continuously improve sustainable practices; and
  • Advance core principles, objectives, and strategic goals of the SWP.

The initial set of metrics include:
  1. Water Use (vineyards and wineries)
  2. Energy Use (vineyards and wineries)
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (vineyards and wineries), and
  4. Nitrogen Use (vineyards).

(California winegrape growers and vintners only)

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