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Sustainable Winegrowing Program (SWP)

California vintners and winegrape growers are eligible to receive login information to use the free online system. If you are not a California vintner or grower, please email for a demo login.

Participant Information Form

This participant information web form provides the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) with the necessary information to set up a unique Username and Password and a customized organizational profile for the Sustainable Winegrowing Program (SWP) online self-assessment system. Maintaining this data in a secure and confidential manner is a hallmark of the SWP program. SureHarvest has securely managed CSWA grower and winery self-assessment data for more than a decade. Please fill out the form below and click the "submit information" button when complete. A CSWA team member will then email you with your login information.

CSWA and the SWP online system adhere to a strict Confidentiality Policy and CSWA will never share individual self-assessment or performance metrics data. To learn more about CSWA’s confidentiality policy, or if you have any questions, please e-mail or call 415-356-7544.

What Are You Assessing?

The form below will help structure your organization's "hierarchy." Please list each vineyard and/or winery facility you plan to assess. List the acreage or cases produced and the county where the vineyard or winery is located. If you have more vineyards or winery facilities than space allows, please list them in an email to (and indicate acres/cases and county).

Note that self-assessments of vineyards can be grouped if they meet the following criteria: 1) vineyards are located within the same county, 2) vineyards are managed similarly, and 3) vineyards achieve more than 90% of similar assessment scores. If you have any questions on vineyard grouping or how to best structure your organization's "hierarchy," please contact

Vineyard Management Companies: Please email to discuss the set-up in the online system.

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