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Conservation Burning & Biochar Production Workshop- Monterey County

Friday, April 12, 2019

09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

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Ste. Phillipe Vineyard - 105 Los Coches Rd. , Soledad, CA 93960 - Get Directions

Topic Notes

Conservation Burning & Biochar Production Workshop - Monterey County

The Vineyard Team is partnering with the Sonoma Biochar Initiative and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District to host a one-day workshop on the practice of conservation burning and biochar production, using a cleaner, open agricultural burn technique. 

Replanting of vineyards and burning of old vine material is a common practice by growers. By replacing conventional open burn methods with the conservation burn it is possible to reduce emissions from agricultural burns in your community while also conserving a portion of the carbon contained in the vines.

Attendees will learn how to save the carbon, also known as biochar, which can be used as a soil amendment and for many other applications including water filtration and pollution remediation. The workshop features both hands-on and classroom training. The morning classroom session will focus on the conservation burn technique, followed by a live burning demonstration in the field. This course will include the scientific theory behind the burning process, safety and permitting considerations, pile construction, burn management, maximizing production of biochar, along with other on-farm methods of biochar production.

Speakers: Raymond Baltar, Sonoma Biochar Initiative

Sponsored by: Monterey Bay Air Resources District

Free for Members / $30.00 for Non-Members

4.0 CCA CEU credits applied for (3.0 Soil & Water Management; 1.0 Crop Management).


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