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E.&J. Gallo Winery

Date Certified
January 5, 2010
Locations Certified


Borden Hills Vineyard
Claussen Ranch
Colony Ranch
Cowell Ranch
Dusty Lane Ranch
Fresno Ranch
Livingston Ranch
Liberty Lodi Ranch
Maze Ranch
Ripperdan Ranch
Gilbeau Ranch
Silva Ranch
Valley Oak
Barrelli Creek Ranch
Bridlewood Ranch
Cal Poly Ranch
Chiotti Ranch
Del Rio Ranch
Edna Valley Ranch
Frei Ranch
Ghost Pines Ranch
Laguna North
Laguna Ranch
MacMurray Ranch
Martini Estate/Thomann Station
Monte Rosso
Olson Ranch
Sage Canyon
Snows Lake Vyds
Sun Lake Ranch
Sunnybrook Ranch
Twin Valley Ranch
Two Rock Ranch
William Hill Vineyards

Pacific Fruit Ranch

J Vineyards


Bridlewood Estate Winery

Fresno Winery
Livingston Winery
Martini Winery
Modesto Brandy Facility
Modesto Winery
Sonoma Winery
William Hall Winery
J Winer



Sustainable Practices

Below is a sampling of the sustainable practices adopted by the Certified Participant. This is not a comprehensive list but provides some examples of the types of practices they use. For more information about their sustainability visit their website here.


  • Tissue analysis determines fertilizer use, are goal is to grow a balanced vine and to avoid overfertilizing
  • Proper site selection, right variety in the right location
  • Rootstocks matched to site characteristics

Soil Management

  • Permanent cover crops maintained between vine rows in all vineyard
  • All streams have setbacks with planted buffer strips

Vineyard Water Management

  • Soil moisture and plant water status is monitored weekly during growing season.
  • Irrigation scheduling is based on evapo-transpiration
  • Deficit irrigation is used
  • Tertiary treated wastewater used for irrigation on two of our vineyards.

Pest Management

  • IPM is practiced on all ranches including vineyard scouting, encouraging natural predators for pest control, disease modeling. Pesticide application based economic thresholds.

Wine Quality

  • The Winery has developed standard work practices to improve wine quality.
  • The Winery is also certified ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Vineyard managers collaborate closely with winemaking on hitting style targets with regular winemaker visits to vineyards and wine tastings

Ecosystem Management

  • 50/50 Giveback Program: For every planted acre of vineyard in Sonoma County that Gallo owns, one acre is set aside for wildlife habitat
  • 16 acres of vineyards were removed and new wetlands created at our Laguna Ranch which borders the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Energy Management

  • The E&J Gallo Winery (Healdsburg) participates in the PG&E demand curtailment program, where customers commit to reducing demand during peak events from PG&E.
  • Over the last few years, the winery has completed tank insulation, motor efficiency and variable-frequency drive retrofits, and lighting retrofit programs with associated rebates from PG&E
  • In 2010, the Winery is participating in the Retro-Commissioning Program offered by PG&E
  • The winery installed power-monitoring software to monitor and reduce loads at peak demand times
  • The Barrel Cellar brings in night air during cool evenings to avoid an additional load on the chillers
  • Interior processing building lighting is energized through the use of motion sensors
  • During harvest, the majority of work is performed between 8:00pm and 4:30am, thus reducing peak energy demands and reducing traffic during peak commuter hours
  • Replaced lighting in ranch shop with energy efficient fixtures and added motion sensors

Winery Water Conservation And Water Quality

  • Winery waste water is used for irrigation on the Frei vineyard
  • The Winery is investing in improved waste water treatment technology so the waste water can be better used by the vineyards for irrigation

Material Handling

  • Transportation of Finished Case Goods to distribution center maximizes the use of back hauls to reduce one way hauling
  • All agricultural chemicals and petroleum products are stored within double containment

Solid Waste Reduction And Management

  • The Winery’s bottling operation is a near-zero waste operation, recycling plastic stretch wrap, cardboard and glass. The Winery also recycles all metals, label backing and capsules reducing landfill waste
  • Universal waste disposal sites on each ranch
  • All vineyards have recycling programs in place

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

  • The Winery actively communicates the Sustainability Policy to major vendors and engages them on sustainability matters
  • Vendors on-site must comply with our environmental and sustainability practices and are aware and knowledgeable of our Sustainable Management System

Human Resources

  • Both the vineyards and the winery have implanted Behavioral Accident Prevention Programs to reduce workplace injuries

Neighbors And Community

  • The Winery does not allow truck traffic after 10pm and before 7am out of respect for property neighbors
  • The Winery does not allow truck idling during harvest for more than 5 minutes
  • The Winery engages neighbors during non-standard activities (e.g Sunday grape receiving during harvest)
  • The Winery participates in community activities such as the Dry Creek Valley clean-up and the Sonoma County United Way Campaign, as well as offering Salvation Army / Goodwill pick-up days at the winery to encourage giving to those organizations.
  • Vineyard managers maintain constant contact with key neighbors
  • All vineyard neighbors have contact information for vineyard managers

Air Quality

  • Vines are chipped and incorporated in the soil instead of burning
  • Replaced 10 old diesel pumps with newer more efficient and less-polluting pumps
  • The Winery does not allow truck idling during harvest for more than 5 minutes

Additional Information

Both the Healdsburg Winery and the Gallo Vineyards Coastal vineyards have certified Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Sustainability Management Systems in place.


E&J Gallo Winery and Gallo Vineyards were the first winery and vineyard operation in the United States to receive ISO 14001 certification.