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Vino Farms, Inc. (San Joaquin County)

Vino Farms, Inc. is multigenerational family business that believes the grapes and wines from our vineyards certified according to California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance Standards are higher quality and reflect the unique qualities of the sites in which the grapes are gown. We believe this because we pay closer attention to all aspects of winegrowing, which leads to higher quality winegrapes and wine and because the sustainable practices in the CSWA program were selected because they lead to higher quality winegrapes.

Date Certified
January 5, 2010
Locations Certified
Gran Vin Lands Vineyard
Cosumnes Vineyard
Simmerhorn Vineyard


Choosing the appropriate rootstock for the site.

Soil Management

Appropriate cover crop choice


Vineyard Water Management

Water Budget


Pest Management

Monitoring and data collection


Wine Quality

Meeting with the winery and tasting finished wines from our vineyards

Ecosystem Management

Restoration of unfarmed and hard to farm sections of our vineyards to native habitat


Energy Management

Biodiesel and solar energy

Material Handling

Hazardous Material Storage

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing


Human Resources

Safety Training

Neighbors And Community

Agricultural and Winery Chemicals

Air Quality

Vineyard Floors