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Honig Vineyard & Winery

Honig is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery. We believe sustainable practices provide the framework to continue the business for the upcoming fourth generation and beyond. CSWA certification provides us with a map to review our progress and a guide for continuous improvements.

Date Certified
January 5, 2010
Locations Certified


Honig Vineyard


Honig Winery



Sustainable Practices

Below is a sampling of the sustainable practices adopted by the Certified Participant. This is not a comprehensive list but provides some examples of the types of practices they use. For more information about their sustainability visit their website here.


Balanced vines, shoot density and fruit exposure. Creation of habitat for wildlife and pest natural enemies

Soil Management

Cover crops, organic matter

Vineyard Water Management

Use a combination of soil moisture and plant water status monitoring methods to determine when and if water is needed in the vineyard.

Pest Management

Using all available monitoring and management systems to monitor and treat (if necessary) for vineyard pests. Using effective, low environmental impact treatments when treatment is necessary.

Wine Quality

Extensive knowledge of the wine industry and wine quality

Energy Management

Alternative source of power (solar)

Winery Water Conservation And Water Quality

Monitor and reduce water use

Material Handling

Recycling and consolidating trucking

Solid Waste Reduction And Management

Broad scale reducing, reusing and recycling materials

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Preferential purchasing aimed at like minded and local businesses

Human Resources

Sustainability Mission, Vision and Values

Neighbors And Community

Outreach and Communication with neighbors, community members and other stakeholders