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Bogle Vineyards, Inc.

Six generations of the Bogle family have farmed in the Clarksburg wine growing region and it is our hope that another six generations will continue to prosper in this wonderful area. That is why good stewardship of this land is so important. Our grandfather, father, and mother passed these lands on to us and we have accepted the responsibility to leave this land better than we received it. We understand that nurturing our land and preserving its vitality is not only essential for our family, but also the world, so that future generations can enjoy many harvests for centuries to come.

Date Certified
October 21, 2010
Locations Certified
Vineyard Operations
B2 Vineyards
Bogle Sutter/ Solano County
Bogle Yolo County
Bogle Winery


Sustainable Practices

Below is a sampling of the sustainable practices adopted by the Certified Participant. This is not a comprehensive list but provides some examples of the types of practices they use. For more information about their sustainability visit their website here.

Additional Information

Sustainable Certificates Achieved
CCSW-Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing -
Third party certificate issued by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance – The Bogle family is managing their
vineyard and winery operation and surrounding lands in a sustainable manner.

Lodi Rules Certified Green -
A more rigorous, regionally specific third party certificate than the California state CCSW. Focuses on responsible vineyard
practices in the field. Certified Green is a “performance based” program that requires that rules and guidelines be met.
Currently over 1,000 acres of Bogle’s estate vineyards have received the Certified Green certification.

“Sacramento Area Sustainable Business” Certificate -
Provides practices and metrics to reduce resource consumption and prevent wasting of resources.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Bogle goal: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions per case 20% by 2020.
Since 2008, Bogle has been tracking GHG emissions and implementing energy efficiency measures first to avoid
“solarizing our inefficiencies.” These measures include tank insulation, high efficiency pumps, new filtration equipment, skylights,
new compressors, electric forklifts, and a new bottling line. Once initial efficiency goals were achieved, Bogle then turned
attention to renewable energy investments with a 350KW solar PV system that will become operational in June 2011.

Paying a Premium for Sustainable Grapes
The Bogle family is currently one of just a few wineries who pays a bonus to winegrowers who enroll their vineyards in the
Certified Green guidelines. By doing this Bogle is not only growing grapes in an environmentally responsible manner but also
encouraging others to grow sustainably as well. Currently Bogle has twenty growers enrolled in the Certified Green program.

Vendor Partnership – Making an Impact
By communicating how important sustainability is and why it is important for winery partners to follow similar
goals, we can inspire other companies to become more sustainable as well. Vendors are chosen carefully and all have demonstrated
that sustainable methods are an important cultural value for their company.
• Corks are used for all wines: cork forests around the world are family farmed, 100% sustainable and are a critical source of
CO2 reductions in the world.
• All papers used within the winery are SFI or FSC certified to ensure that all paper comes from 100% sustainable forests.
• All of our printers have demonstrated a keen commitment to sustainable printing methods.