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Adelaida Cellars Inc.

Adelaida Cellars is a world-class winery with deep roots in Paso Robles’ rich wine tradition. Adelaida has pioneered winemaking in the Paso Robles region since it was founded in 1981. The winery’s estate includes the legendary HMR Vineyard plus four other distinct vineyards in the west hills of Paso Robles. They include Anna’s, Bobcat Crossing, Michael’s and Viking. Adelaida farms all of its vineyards sustainably; its wines have consistently won widespread acclaim from top writers and wine competitions in America.

Date Certified
September 1, 2015
Locations Certified


Adelaida Estate Vineyards


Adelaida Cellars Winery

Sustainable Practices

Below is a sampling of the sustainable practices adopted by the Certified Participant. This is not a comprehensive list but provides some examples of the types of practices they use. For more information about their sustainability visit their website here.


  • The design of the vineyard, trellis system used, and canopy monitoring successfully keep vines in balance and have been chosen to best fit the planting site
  • Vines are cultivated with the mindset that winemaking takes place in the vineyard


Soil Management

  • Cover crops are permitted to grow between vine rows to increase organic matter in soil as and decrease erosion.
  •  Extensive soil survey preformed to determine composition of soil, pH, and nutrient availability

Vineyard Water Management

  • 1/3 of our vineyards are dry-farmed while the remaining acreage is farmed using deficit irrigation
  • A weather station is used in our vineyard to determine soil moisture content, as well as track rainfall and relative humidity.
  • Retention ponds on the property collect storm water

Ecosystem Management

  • Large acreage of preserved natural habitat maintained on property
  • Knowledge of naturally occurring plant and animal species in the area

Energy Management

  • We meet 85% of the our own power needs through Solar with our 113 Kilowatt solar array
  • Night cooling has been employed in our winery production facility, which pulls in cool night air to keep the winery at a stable temperature. 

Additional Information

“For years, we have carefully farmed our vineyards with earth-friendly practices. The certification process allowed us to reevaluate practices and set necessary milestones in both the vineyards and the winery; ultimately moving us toward our vision to create a legacy of excellence in crafting world-class wines from our estate vineyards.”  Jessica Kollhoff, General Manager of Adelaida Cellars