Certification Tool Kit

Communications Toolkit

Welcome to the Certification Communications Toolkit! Below you will find communications tools and staff training materials to help educate your tasting room staff, sales teams, distributors, retailers, consumers and others about sustainable winegrowing practices and certification. These resources will help your vineyard and winery generate and share your sustainability story.

Want to dig deeper?  Visit the Resources page to view the certification guidebook and to learn more about certification requirements, program administration, auditors and other aspects of the program

Staff Training Materials

Read the Overview of Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing

  • To help educate your staff, sales teams, and others, share this two-page handout which covers the benefits of CCSW, a summary of certification requirements, and example sustainable topics and practices, all of which can be turned into useful talking points.

Background on the Program 

Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing website

  • Discover consumer-friendly language about the program and view the Find page to look for your certified winery, vineyard and/or certified wines.
  • Learn more about certification requirements, program administration, auditors and other aspects of the program.

What is Sustainable Winegrowing and Certification? (video)

  •  View and share a 90 second video that describes the concept of sustainable winegrowing at a high level for multiple audiences.

Staff Training Materials 

Overview of Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing

  • Help educate your staff, sales teams and others with this two-page handout that covers the benefits of CCSW, offers a summary of certification requirements and a sampling of sustainable topics and practices — all of which can be turned into useful talking points.

CCSW Communications Training Guide 

  • This guide helps winery staff communicate their sustainability and CCSW certification. It provides steps and tips for learning more about the certification program, integrating sustainability into communications, training staff to communicate sustainability messaging and includes tools to support communications. 

Hospitality and Sales Training Step-by-Step Guide 

  •  Follow the steps to help educate hospitality and sales staff on sustainable winegrowing and your sustainability messaging.

Certified California Sustainable Logo and Communications Guide 

  • This guide outlines the allowable uses and colors for the program logo and includes examples of logo dos and don’ts.

California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador Course

  • Become a California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador by learning more about sustainable winegrowing and successfully completing this one-hour certificate course. Ambassadors are better able to communicate about sustainable winegrowing and certification. Encourage your tasting room and sales staff to enroll!

Value of Certification

  • Certification has multiple benefits. This handout features: the top three reasons to become and remain certified, a tool that estimates the dollar value derived from certification, highlights of market research showing the interest in sustainable certification, tips to effectively communicate about your certification and a summary of certification requirements and logos.

Communiations Tools

 Signage Templates 

  • Customizable templates for your tasting room or events to engage visitors.

PowerPoint Slides Template 

  • Modifiable slides on sustainability and certification for your presentations.

Talking Points Template 

  • Use this template to help create sustainability messages to share with staff.

Communiations Opportunities 

Sustainability Experiences

  • Host a sustainability experience at your winery to engage audiences interested in supporting sustainability. Some ideas include a guided or self-guided sustainable vineyard or winery tour, sustainability focused tasting or a winemaker dinner focused on sustainable practices.

  • Join wineries and regions across the state in celebrating California’s leadership in sustainable winegrowing in April each year by offering a sustainability-themed event or promotion.

California Wine Export Program

  • If you export wine, consider joining Wine Institute’s California Wine Export Program, promoting California Wines and cultivating sales in more than 30 countries with a dynamic program of marketing and sales promotion activities targeting the international wine trade, media and consumers.
  •  Sustainability is core to the California Wines brand and communicating California’s leadership in sustainable and climate smart practices across the globe takes place through the newly launched Wines on a Mission campaign. Contact the Export team to be featured in sustainability tastings, trade shows, winery visits and more as part of this major communications campaign.

Other Resources 

Video Library
  • To dive deeper in sustainability topics visit the video library for case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Read about program requirements, communicating certification and more.