How to Apply for Certification

How to Apply for Certification

Find helpful links below that will guide you through the certification process. The very first step is to apply for certification, at which point you will receive an email outlining next steps. The documents listed below reflect program updates that went into effect January 2017.

Links for New Applicants:

Links for New Applicants & Current Certified Participants:
  • Deadlines for CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE - There are quarterly deadlines for certification on an annual basis. See which deadline group is most appropriate by using this guide.
  • Cost Estimates for Certification - Annual administration fees are paid to CSWA to cover the administrative tasks for managing the certification program. See which fee tier applies to your organization. Also find a table that provides estimates for auditor costs, which are separate from administration fees and paid directly to your auditor. The auditor cost table provides estimates only. Costs will vary by size and complexity of organization, auditor choice, preparation level prior to onsite audit, etc.
  • Certification Prerequisites and Requirements - A guide to the certification prerequisites and a summary of program requirements.
  • CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Red and Yellow List - Crop protection materials that are regulated as restricted materials by the US Environmental Protection Agency and/or California DPR are now included on either the CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Red List or Yellow List. Download a printable Red and Yellow List with common tradenames (Red_Yellow_ List_Common_Trade_Names) and download a Yellow List Use Form (Yellow_List_Use_Form).
  • CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Accredited Auditor List 2016 - Wineries and vineyards choose an auditor for their onsite audit from CSWA's accredited auditor list.

Links for Current Certified Participants:

Certification Guidebook:

  • Please download the CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE Program Guidebook - Jan. 2017 for full details about the certification program including the certification requirements, pre-requisites, process to obtain certification, guidelines for communicating certification, and other information. 
  • The Appendix is also available to download, which provides detailed guidance regarding the California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Workbook (Code Workbook) that must be followed as part of the CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE program.

Certification Contact:

  • Please contact Jodi Wilson ( or 415-356-7544) if you have any questions about the certification program or need assistance completing the application form.