Sustainable Winegrowing Program Participants

SWP Participation

Since 2002, more than 1,800 wineries and vineyards participated in the Sustainable Winegrowing Program. For participation and self-assessment details see the tables below.

In addition, more than 10,000 vintners and growers participated in over 240 educational workshops targeting specific practices such as energy efficiency, integrated pest management, and air and water quality. (Some growers and vintners have attended multiple workshops.)

Vineyard Data Comparison

  2004 2009 2012 2015  
Number of Participating Vineyard Organizations 813 1,237 1,386 1,616  
Total Vineyard Acres Farmed by the Participating Vineyard Organizations 223,971 358,121 389,375 421,859 (68.6% of 615,000 total Statewide acres)
Number of Assessed Vineyards       1,894  
Total Vineyard Acres from Assessed Vineyards 124,576 206,899 239,506 254,807 (41.4% of 615,000 total Statewide acres)

Winery Data Comparison

  2004 2009 2012 2015  
Number of Participating Winery Organizations 128 329 391 475  
Total Winery Cases Produced by Participating Winery Organizations 145.6M 150M 189M 212M (78.8% of 269M total statewide cases)
Number of Assessed Winery Organizations 86   202 294  
Total Winery Cases from Assessed Wineries 96.8M 134.6M 150M 189.8M (70.6% of 269M total statewide cases)

Below is a list of SWP participants who have assessed their operation using the 3rd Edition Code Workbook. If you are an SWP participant, submitted self-assessment results, and would like to be added to the list below please contact us. All California winegrape growers and vintners can request access to the online self-assessment system to begin participating in the program by emailing If you no longer wish to be listed publically on our website or would like us to add a link to your company website, please contact us. To find a list of CCSW Certified wineries and vineyards, click here.

List of SWP Winery and Vineyard Participants

A & J Custom Farming

Alder Springs Vineyard

AMR Vineyard Mgmt Corp.

Anderson Estate

Arbios Cellars

Arioto-Bosio Vineyards

Armagh Vineyard

Atwood Ranch

Battaglini Estate Winery & Vineyards

Bazzano Vineyard

Benovia Winery

Benziger Family Winery

Birdland Vineyards

Blanc Vineyards

Blue Rock Vineyards

Brassfield Estate Winery

Capp Family Vineyards

Captain Vineyards

Carinalli Vineyards

Ceago Vinegarden

Chenoweth Vineyards

Chevalier Vineyard Management

Continental Vineyards LLC

Cornell Vineyards

Cornerstone Certified Vineyard

Coyote Crest Vineyards

DeBurca Wines

Dutton Ranch

Duvaroo Too, LLC

Elkfield Vineyards

Elsbree Vineyard

Enzenauer Vineyard Management

F and L Rebottaro Ranch

Foppiano Vineyards

Frostwatch Vineyard & Winery

Gantz Family Vineyards, LLC

GB Vineyards

Gloria Ferrer Winery

Goepfrich Winery

Gordon Ranch

Hawk Hill Vineyard

Hawk's Roost Ranch

Head High Wines

Hill Family Vineyard

HOCV-AVV Joint Venture

Hook and Ladder Winery

Keller Estate

Kiger Family Vineyards

Kosta Browne

Kuimelis Vineyards

Lanza Vineyards

Luchsinger Vineyards

Madrone Vineyard Management

Magnolia Ranch

Mahoney Vineyards

Martinelli Vineyard Management

Massoni Ranch

Moore Vineyards

Muns Vineyard

Nelson Ranch

Newman Vineyards

Nineveh Vineyard

Olson Family Vineyards

Orsi Vineyards

Patin Vineyard Management Inc

Perli Vineyards

Perry Ranches

Petersen Land Management, Inc

Ponzo Ranch LLC

Quo Vino LLC

Rist Vineyards

Rucker Vineyards

Saarloos and Sons

Seabiscuit South

Soracco Family Vineyards

Stamos Vineyard

T&A Vineyards

Tanuda Ridge Vineyard

Teldeschi Ranch

Timber Crest Farms & Peters Vineyards

Treborce Vineyards

Tri-Valley Vineyard Management

Valdez & Sons Vineyard Management

Villa Aix Vineyards LLC

Vineyard Concepts LLC

Viratos Vineyards

Wallace Ranch

Weed Farms

Wilkinson Vineyard Management