SWP Online Self-Assessment Tool

One of the hallmarks of CSWA's SWP program is the self-assessment process that California winegrape growers and vintners go through to determine where they are on the sustainability continuum. As of November 2012, more than 1,800 wineries and vineyards submitted SWP assessment data for inclusion in the secure statewide SWP database. With the online tool, SWP participants can easily access their self-assessment information, among the many other benefits highlighted below.

The Web-based self-assessment tool provides a number of benefits to SWP participants.

  • A secure online environment to manage your assessment activities.
  • Reports available when you need them with ability to create email attachments.
  • Dynamic educational content that will be frequently updated.
  • Flexible structure allows set up and reporting for multiple vineyards/blocks and wineries in an organization.
  • Multiple users from your organization can access facilities they are responsible for.
  • Access action plan templates from a shared library and save your own personal plans.

For more detail on features and to see sample screens and reports, click here.

How do I gain access to the online tool?

Once you have a UserID and password, you can either use the Login button on the CSWA home page or use the following link: http://swp.sustainablewinegrowing.org.

Obtaining a UserID and Password from CSWA

Existing SWP Assessment Participants

If you participated in a self-assessment workshop, submitted data to CSWA and received an assessment report, you should have received a temporary UserID and password in the mail with instructions on how to login to see your organization's assessment data. If you did not receive your password, or have lost your password, please contact info@sustainablewinegrowing.org.

New SWP Assessment Participants (California winegrape growers and vintners only)

While we encourage you to attend a self-assessment workshop for a personalized overview of the SWP "process," you may instead want to go through the process online. If you are a California winegrape grower or vintner, have not participated in a CSWA-sponsored self-assessment workshop, and would like to do the self-assessment online, please fill out a participant information sheet to request a UserID and password by clicking here. To view a PDF of the introductory presentation from a self-assessment workshop please click here.

If you did not receive your password, or have lost your password, please contact info@sustainablewinegrowing.org.

How is my data protected from other users?

Each user has a unique UserID and password that allows them to see only their data. The SWP site administrator manages the user security controls for the system.

How can I get other people in my company signed up?

Contact Lisa Francioni at lisa@wineinstitute.org or (415) 356-7545 with the person's name, email and phone number and she will add them as another user for your company.

Can I still have CSWA enter my data and send me a report?

While we encourage you to use the online application, you can still send completed self-assessment forms to us and we will set up an online account for you, enter your data, and create a comparison report and send it to you.

Please send completed self-assessment forms to:

c/o Franklin Dlott
2901 Park Avenue
Soquel, CA 95073