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Sustainable Winegrowing Down to Earth Newsletters

Down to Earth, a new monthly newsletter, celebrates the commitment by California vintners and growers to sustainable winegrowing and winemaking. Inspired by the photo book, Down to Earth: A Seasonal Tour of Sustainable Winegrowing in California, the Down to Earth newsletter profiles vintners and growers to share best practices and the latest news in California sustainable winegrowing.

Please click on the following newsletter links to learn more:

Cover Story: February 2016

  • The benefits of using cover crops
  • Challenges of cover crops in drought
  • Cover crop trials
  • Site factors in choosing cover crops

Harvesting Family Values: January 2016

  • The benefits of employee-benefits
  • How to go "above and beyond" for your employees
  • Employee safety
  • Investing in employee well-being is cost-effective

Early Adopter: December 2015

  • The benefits of solar power at Domaine Carneros
  • Challenges of making sparking wines
  • Advice on how to ramp up your recycling effort

Good-Neighbor Grapes: November 2015

  • Investing in your employees
  • How to engage your neighbors
  • Benefits of exploring new technologies and research

Animal Farm: October 2015

  • Pets at the winery
  • Benefits of sheep in the vineyard
  • Learn more about how to maintain a balanced ecosystem
  • How can an insectary contribute to the health of a vineyard?

With Packaging, Less is More: September 2015

  • Conserving the earth's resources to boost profitability
  • Packaging changes to impact your bottom line
  • Consumer perception of packaging decisions
  • Labeling changes with environmental impact
  • Packaging changes for all size operations

Making Every Drop Count: August 2015

  • The biggest impacts on your water use
  • Irrigating more often but for less time
  • Bottom-line implications of reduced water use
  • How does your water use today compare to a decade ago?
  • Moving toward more drought-tolerant rootstocks

Tracking Waste at Fetzer Vineyards: July 2015

  • Can a winery really reduce waste to nothing
  • Where will future improvements come from
  • Waste management practices
  • Advice for colleagues who want to do better in this area
  • The value of the things we throw away

Sustainable Winegrowing Highlight Newsletters

Wine Institute produces a series of newsletters on sustainable winegrowing to highlight specific practices that Wine Institute members find useful in their wineries and vineyards.

Please click on the following newsletter links to learn more about these topics and how the practices are used by vintners and growers throughout California:

The Business Case for Self-Assessment

  • Energy Savings at Palumbo Family Vineyards
  • Irrigation Efficiency at Alexander Valley Vineyards
  • Self-Assessment at Trefethen Family Vineyards
  • Ten New Video Case Studies Available
  • New Down to Earth Book Published

Communicating Sustainability

  • Consumer Buying Decisions Influenced by Sustainably Grown and Made Wine
  • Winery Examples & Communications Tips
  • “Down To Earth” Month Publicity
  • California Legislature Recognized Sustainable Winegrowing

Business and Environmental Benefits of Sustainability

  • Sustainability at Francis Ford Coppola Winery
  • Nutrient Accounting at Terra d'Oro
  • Energy and Cost Savings Go Hand in Hand at Stags' Leap Winery
  • Video Case Studies Show Sustainability in Action

Performance Metrics for Sustainable Winegrowing

  • Energy Efficiency at Vineyard 29
  • Conserving Water at Simi Winery
  • Less is More for Nitrogen Use in Vineyards

The Social Equity of Sustainable Winegrowing

  • California's Wine Community Gives Back
  • Regional Association Philanthropy: The Power of Working Together
  • Making a Difference in Farmworkers' Lives
  • Community Enhancement: Wineries & Growers Preserve Open Space

The Business Case for Sustainable Winegrowing: Pest Management

  • Scouting for Pests at Jordan Vineyard & Winery
  • Weather Station Pays off at Vino Farms
  • The Dollars and Sense of Barn Owls at Bargetto Winery

Third-party Certification Program Launched

  • Certified Participants Share Reasons for Obtaining CSWA Certification
  • Use of Certification Logo and Claims
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Videos Feature Certification and Sustainable Practices

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

  • Employee Survey Supports Environmentally Preferred Purchasing at Goldeneye Winer
  • Environmentally Preferred Purchasing at Halter Ranch Vineyards
  • Bag-in-Box Technology Reduces Carbon Footprint for Th e Wine Group

Energy Efficiency

  • Benefits of Energy Auditing for Wineries and Vineyards
  • Energy Efficiency at Korbel Champagne Cellars
  • Long Meadow Ranch Saves Energy with Rammed-Earth Winery Strategy

Communicating Sustainability

  • Solar Pavilion Helps Communicate Message of Healthy Winery and Vineyard Operations
  • Neighborhood Meetings, Web Site, Winery Tours and More Communicate Sustainability
  • Sustainable Message Plays Key Role in Consumer Communications

Using Animals to Manage Pests in Vineyards

  • 'Sniffer Dogs' Have a Real Nose For Vine Mealybug
  • Gallo Family Vineyards Turns To Falcons To Ward Off Damaging Starlings
  • Chickens Scratch Their Way Through Bonterra Cutworms

Vineyard Equipment for Sustainable Winegrowing

  • Equipment Selection Helps Expand Sustainable Practices at Robert Young Vineyards
  • New Equipment Is Part of the IPM Strategy at Foster's Wine Estates Americas

2006 Workshops & Water Quality & IPM

  • New Workshops Help California Wineries Expand "Green" Practices
  • Sun-Maid Biodigester Converts Distillery Process Water to Energy Savings
  • IPM and Rodent Control at Schug Carneros Estate

Testimonials & Solar Energy

  • Managing Soil at Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards
  • The "Green Team" Gets Results at the Kunde Estate Winery and Vineyards
  • Expanding Sustainable Practices at Retzlaff Estate

Developing an Action Plan

  • 1980s Sales Growth Initiated Trinchero Sustainable Efforts
  • Developing an Action Plan for Madera Winegrowing

Cover Crops

  • "Organic" Experience Led to "Sustainable" Practices
  • Building the Soil in Mountain Vineyards
  • Natural Ecosystem Prevents Crisis Management

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Fetzer Reduces Waste by 94 Percent
  • Davis Bynum's "Permanent Agriculture"
  • Recycling Part of Healthy Environment at Frog's Leap

Regulated Deficit Irrigation

  • Diageo Introduces RDI Grower Program
  • Conserving Water at Hess Collection
  • Beringer Blass Researches RDI on the Central Coast

Canopy Management

  • Managing Canopy in Windy Conditions at Delicato's San Bernabe
  • Managing Canopy on Orfila's Hillsides
  • Groth's Canopy Management on the Napa Valley Floor

Wildlife Corridors and Habitat

  • Preserving Grasslands and Wetlands at Bronco's Lodi Vineyard
  • Restoring Wine Creek at Quivira Vineyards
  • Conserving Marshland at Viansa Vineyards

Communicating with Neighbors and the Community

  • Wente's Effort for Agriculture in Community Planning
  • Good Neighbor Relations at Woodside Vineyards
  • Vintners Collaborate with Community for Farmworks Housing: Joseph Phelps Donates Land for Shelters

Sustainable Pest Management

  • Managing Pests in Mountain Vineyards at Cooper-Garrod Estate
  • Pest Management in Valley Vineyards at Paul Masson Cellars
  • Preventing Pests in Riparian Areas at Dry Creek Vineyards

Assessing and Reducing Energy Needs

  • Conserving Energy with Night Operations at Golden State Vineyards
  • "Green Building" Saves Energy at Sanford Winery and Vineyards
  • Benziger Audit Helps Improve Energy Efficiency


  • Composting for Wine Quality and Disease Resistance at Shendandoah Vineyards/Sobon Estate
  • Scheid Vineyards Finds Composting Economically Feasible
  • Using Biodynamic Compost at Topolos at Russian River Vineyards

Controlling Erosion

  • Protecting Hillsides and Fish Habitat at Navarro Vineyards
  • Protecting Watershed at Solis Winery through Erosion Control
  • Conserving Soil at Moon Mountain Vineyard

Protecting Air and Water Quality

  • New Biodigester Treats Process Water at Clos du Bois
  • Switching to Biodiesel at Yorkville Cellars
  • Establishing Treatment Wetlands for Process Water at Maurice Car'rie Winery

Attracting and Retaining Good People

  • Honig Vineyard and Winery's Extended Family
  • Family Housing Retains Staff at Roederer Estate
  • Using Education to Keep Staff at Ironstone Vineyards